Rationale: Language and culture are inseparable - In order to embrace our world we need to learn the language of another culture. Language and Culture of New Zealand must be celebrated.

"Learn a new language, you open a new window

on your house and you have a new vista."


BBI has chosen to incorporate Te Reo Maori as its official second language. Some classes will embrace an asian language. Where possible, culture and language will be inseparable within all units of Inquiry.  This needs to relate to the bicultural nature of New Zealand or Asian Awareness, specifically focusing on the countries of Japan and China. We offer students extension language opportunities in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese and students are given the opportunity for extension in Maori Language and Culture through our Kapa hapa, waiata group and poi groups.

BBI Waiata

Over the past two years students from the Kapa haka group have written our own BBI waiata.  It has been produced with music and sung at important school events.

Lyrics of School Waiata

Te Rere a Te Manu
aaaa - uuuu – aaaa - uuuu 
Kua tupu ake au i roto i nga tikanga 
I have grown up with the values 
O to tatou kura wananga
Here at our school BBI
Ka rere atu au i konei
As I fly from here
Ki te tihi o Ohuiarangi
To the top of  my mountain
 Ka kawe i te kete o te wanangaI 
carry the basket of knowledge
aaaa - uuuu – aaaa - uuuu  
Te kete Aronui (all sing)
The kit of knowledge to help mankind
Na te hau o Tawhirimatea
On the winds of Tawhirimatea
Ka rewa ake au - (KI RUNGA) - ki runga 
I rise above
Kia whakatakotoria (KIA HE) ara ana mata
Whaia te tikitiki
Whaia te tikitikiWhaia…a…a… (Pause) te tikitiki

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