Afterschool Classes

After School Classes are held at BBI in two semesters, each usually fifteen weeks in duration. Booklets are sent out to all students in the second week of term 1 and again after Queens Birthday weekend for semester 2. Classes are usually held between 3.30pm and 4.30pm. The first semester is held in Terms 1 and 2, usually between the end of February and the second last week of Term 2. The second semester begins on the first day of Term 3 and runs until mid-November.

A variety of classes are offered. This largely depends upon tutors we have at the time. We have offered French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Chinese / Mandarin and ESOL in the language department; plus Boost your Maths, Extension Maths, Homework Support, Aerobics and Fitness, Dance, Theatre Sports, Drama, Craft and Guitar. Our Sports Academy run both a Basic and Intermediate class. If you would like to tutor a subject, please email your proposal to the school office -, or contact the school office by phone 534 2896.