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After School Classes and Pre-registration with Kindo


Welcome to BBI’s After School Classes which are held in two semesters.  Semester one is held in Terms 1 and 2, usually between the beginning of March and the second last week of Term 2.  The second semester begins usually the first week of Term 3 and runs until mid-November.

A variety of classes are offered depending upon tutors we have at the time. An email will be sent to parents when applications are open.


How to Enrol


Enrolments are online with Kindo School Shop. It’s easy and convenient. This is a fantastic way to register, complete permission forms and pay for the class/es. THIS IS THE ONLY METHOD OF PAYMENT.  We encourage you to set up your myKindo account as soon as possible. Then you will be able to log in, place your order and make the payment online with POLi, Internet Banking or your Credit/Debit card. 

Enrolments are first in first served EXCEPT FOR MATH classes.  Applications for Math will be submitted to the Head Maths Tutor and a confirmation letter will be sent to your child confirming their class and time. If your child is not accepted into the Maths class he/she will receive a letter and you will need to apply to Kindo for a refund of your money. This will incur a $5 refund processing fee, if you wish the money to go back into your bank account and not into your myKindo account.

Kindo helpdesk is open 8am to 4pm weekdays.

Freephone: 0508 4 KINDO (0508 454 636)


Online support: 


Click here for existing and new user accounts.





Our tutors are well qualified to meet your child’s needs. As professionals they take their role seriously and work to a high standard. All tutors have a police clearance.


Parents Role


It is vital that parents work in partnership with the school and the tutor. Encouragement at home to do follow up or practice activities as necessary. Attendance at lessons is also important.


Refund Policy

Please ensure you carefully pick which after school class/es you would like your child to take. If, for some reason a class is cancelled before the start date, we will notify you and a full refund will be given. A refund of half the fees will be considered if you withdraw no less than five (5) school days before a class starts.  NO REFUNDS once the course is underway.

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