Enrolments & Uniform

Please note - all out of zone 2022 enrolments have closed, and the ballot for out of zone enrolments was completed on Wednesday 8th September. Results were posted in the mail that same day.

To submit a 2022 in zone enrolment please click on the enrolment form link below and start your enrolment. 

What documentation do I need for my 2022 in zone enrolment?

For In Zone Enrolments:

  • A copy of your rental agreement, if you rent the house. This must be a full house rental and not the rental of a room or part of a house.

  • A copy of the Bond Lodgement receipt.

  • A copy of one other proof of address e.g. telephone, internet, bank account etc (water rates and council rates bills are not accepted, as these do not necessarily prove that you are living in the house).

  • A copy of your latest (current) electricity account (or the welcome letter if you have just moved in).

  • A copy of the student's NZ Birth Certificate or passport or Residence Visa.  If the parent is on a work visa, then a copy of the work visa, PLUS a copy of the student’s student visa.

  • A copy of the student’s latest school report.  If not in English, then a copy in the language plus an official translation. Please attach the end of year 2020 school report or mid year 2021 school report.

  • Proof of immunization:  Measles, mumps rubella, and Tetanus etc.

If you have any queries regarding an enrolment, please email enrolment@bbi.school.nz.

For a 2022 enrolment, please use the 2022 enrolment form.

For information about 2023 enrolment, please refer to the 2023 Online

Enrolment page.



Enrolment Scheme


Enrolments for Out of Zone students have closed, and the ballot was drawn on Wednesday 8th September.


Order of Priority - Out of Zone Students

  1. Will be given to applicants who are siblings of current students. 

  2. Will be given to applicants who are siblings of former students.

  3. Will be given to applicants who are children of former students.

  4. Will be given to applicants who are children of board employees or children of board members.

  5. Will be given to all other applicants.

If a parent or sibling attended Bucklands Beach Intermediate, please attach a school report or copy of the yearbook as proof of attending.  


Should more applications than places available be received, selection will be made according to a ballot process determined by the Ministry of Education.






Uniform can be purchased online through our local supplier at http://www.johnrussellmenswear.co.nz/ or at their showroom at 9 Moore Street, Howick.


Please click here for a detailed uniform description:

Second Hand Uniforms

Second hand uniforms and BBI school jackets are available from the school uniform shop. Dates and times will be advertised in the school newsletter and on our website.