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Coaching is defined as “a one-to-one conversation that focuses on the enhancement of learning and development through increasing self-awareness and a sense of personal responsibility, where the coach facilitates the self-directed learning of the coachee through questioning, active listening, and appropriate challenge in a supportive and encouraging environment.” van Nieuwerburgh (2012)

What does Student Coaching look like at BBI?

Over the last five years, BBI has developed this programme where students coach each other. In 2023, we implemented our Whānau Coaching programme to provide coaching to all students throughout the year. Each whānau will use a similar model to enable their trained coaches to coach each student through an ISMART Goal and create a 2-3 step action plan. 


Students were provided with a BBI Reflective Journal, a physical book documenting their learning reflections, goals and journey through the year. This supports the digital portfolio. Parents and whānau can access this portfolio via the Toddle platform at any time to view their child’s learning journey, both thinking and published work produced by the students. We strongly encourage parents and families to ‘like’ and provide positive comments. Toddle and the Reflective Journal connect the student, teacher and whānau. In this way, coaching is a tool to support the student’s learning pathway. 

It allows students to:
  • Understand the purpose of a coaching conversation 

  • Build self-confidence

  • Set goals about learning areas or approaches to learning

  • Actively and positively participate in coaching conversations

  • Learn how to take ownership of the goal

  • Use their learning strategies and build on their strengths

  • Understand what their needs are and how to improve by setting a personalised action plan

  • Demonstrate and share their goals with their peers, teachers and whānau


Teachers will:
  • Enable students to craft personal and attainable goals

  • Plan for coaching opportunities to create ISMART Goals

  • Develop professional knowledge of coaching

  • Provide opportunities for regular reflection on their goals

  • Model a ‘coaching way of being’

  • Coach and be coached to create meaningful goals

  • Foster solution-focused talk within the classroom

  • Ask powerful questions


Encourage parents to:
  • Ask students about their learning and personal goals

  • Support students to achieve their goals and action plans

  • Celebrate successes and achievements


Example goal setting page from the BBI Reflective Journal



What do you need to achieve?

- What do you need to achieve? Tell me more about that.

- If we worked together on this for a while, what would you like to have happened that is not happening now?

- What would be the result of that?

- What will be the benefits of achieving this goal?

- When you achieve this goal, what will it look like? What else? What else?









By (Timeframe)


I am /I have (Changed Action)


So that (The Goal)



What is happening now?

- What are you already doing that will help to achieve this goal?

- What have you tried so far? What’s working?

- On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is you have achieved it? (10 is the most positive and 1 is the opposite)


What could you do?

- What things could you do to achieve your goal?

- What have you tried yourself or seen others try in similar situations?

- What advice would you give someone in a similar position to you?

- Would you like suggestions from me?


What will you do?

- What options do you like the most for action during the coming week?

- What will you do, specifically?

- What are the next steps?


How and when will you do it?

- How and when will you do it?

- When will you take the next step, be precise?

- Do you need to make a note in your diary?

- What is the next small step you will take first?


How and when will you do it?

- How will you ensure that you are successful?

- What might get in the way? How can we fix that?

- What sort of person do you need to be to achieve the results you desire?

- What support might you need?

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